Digital Citizenship


1. Guard your privacy. What people know about you is up to you.

2. Protect your reputation. Self-reflect before you self-reveal. What’s funny or edgy today could cost you tomorrow.

3. Nothing is private online. Anything you say or do can be copied, pasted, and sent to gazillions of people without your permission.

4. Assume everyone is watching. There’s a huge, vast audience out there. If someone is your friend’s friend, they can see everything.

5. Apply the Golden Rule. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else.

6. Choose wisely. Not all content is appropriate. You know what we mean.

7. Don’t hide. Using anonymity to cloak your actions doesn’t turn you into a trustworthy, responsible human being.

8. Think about what you see. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it true.

9. Be smart, be safe. Not everyone is who they say they are. But you know that.

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1. Share your thoughts

Read a post that interest you and share your thoughts on the topic. Do you want readers to understand you? Remember to use as much detail as possible to express what you want to say.

2. Read and Respond

Read and respect the opinions of other commentators. Be kind and compassionate when you reply. Do your best to reply to new comments each time and they will be more likely to read and respond to you.

3. Discuss: agree, disagree, add new ideas

It’s important that we share new ideas with each other, we all learn better this way. Even if we agree or disagree on a topic, communication is key to creating new ideas.

4. Learn from others

You can learn something new each day, especially from someone who loves to learn.

Credit: Common Sense Media Inc. | Video: Encouraging Digital Citizenship