“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey, entrepreneur and orator

Halloween, a 2,000 year history

A quick search online for the word Halloween and you might get 4,110,000,000+ responses on Google. That’s quite the number! Even though October 31st is one of America’s favorite celebrations with costumes, decorations, stories, tricks and treats, many people know very little… Read More ›

A Citadel in the Sky

Hiram Bingham announced the discovery of Machu Picchu to the world on July 24, 1911. Since its discovery over 100 years ago, historians and archaeologists continue to search for clues that could explain the reason the Inca people built a… Read More ›


Dennis the Menace in this cartoon reminds us of a very important topic, ETIQUETTE. What is etiquette and how did it begin? Dennis is at his friends tea party and he is obviously annoying Margaret with his unpolished manners. The… Read More ›