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The school playground | 34Kiwis.org

The Playground | 34Kiwis.org

Like you, most students are are curious about returning to school and have begun to think about their new year and the experiences they will have. Will you get to keep my old friendships or make new ones? What will you enjoy learning about this year? Who will my teacher be and what will my classroom look like?

The Washington Post dedicates a section of their newspaper that is written especially for students to read. KidsPost asked students to share their thoughts about back-to-school and their interest. The following are only three examples submitted to KidsPost:

I am excited for third grade, because there will be fun art and crafts, movies, popsicles and popcorn. I wish I will have more field trips in third grade. I wish to study more interesting insects, such as ladybugs. Maybe this year we’re going to study dead skeletons. Cool, I can’t wait! I think third grade is going to rock!

— Cassie Zhang, 8, Boyds

When I go back to school, I hope it will be fun but also educational. There are always new things and old things to learn about. I want to learn new things about social studies, spelling and math. I’m going into fifth grade and I will have a great teacher. . . . I also want to learn more things about basketball moves and drills.

— EJ Jarvis, 11, Washington

It’s that time again, when the first bell of the school year rings, symbolizing new beginnings and an awakening of knowledge. For me, it’s the start of middle school, and that means changes — lockers, associating with older kids, switching classes, independence and increased homework. There may be drama and conflict, and my goal is to avoid that, work hard and embrace all that school offers.

— Caroline Kloster, 11, Potomac


Read the article from KidsPost, Kids write about back to school. In a similar form, write your thoughts about going back to school. What opinions do you have about this school year, your teacher(s), the class schedule, or any challenges that you believe will exists upon your return?

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  1. I’m now in sixth grade, a big move. I was thinking at first “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” but once we got started everything just came into place. I do miss my old friends but I have made new friends. I’ll never forget elementary school and the amazing teachers I had…

  2. I personally love going to school I could barely sleep with all the excitement last year I did a lot of exercise and then got really sore. I am always prepared to go and I get everything I need a lot more weeks earlier than what you think. School is fun, helpful, entertaining, exciting, ready, creative and the teachers and pupils are so nice and lovely. I love all the activities they have for us such as computer lab, spanish, library, also library helping and of course one of my favorites P.E. (physical education) and last but not least inside the classroom when we learn lots of science, chemistry, history, language arts, State’s, grammar, spelling, reading and we can’t forget math.

  3. My favorite part of school is computer lab because you get to learn technology.

  4. I love school because it is a good thing to learn new things and talk about math, reading. As you can see I had so much fun in my new school.

  5. I love my new class, i learn so much stuff. That is why it’s so cool. I think school is great because we learn.

  6. I think that going back to school is great i love school why you say it’s because you learn a lot of math, science, writing, and of course P.E. I think going back to school is great fun I have the best teacher. At school I can make new friends and I can have a new teacher.

  7. Do you like to play soccer in school?

  8. Schools is awesome. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. School is so cool i love it!!!

  10. I am at home and i want to get better and do some cool stuff and learn more and make new friend and i hope that this year i going yo be fun bye.

  11. i love this grade it is turning out really fun and i wonder what we are going to do in the future

  12. i love school