Worldwide standards remain. Nikola Tesla

Tesla, engineer and physicist genius, made remarkable steps forward in the field of science. He is known as an exemplary “mad scientist” that lit the world with his mind.

Tesla Colorado

Tesla sitting in his laboratory with his “Magnifying transmitter” generating millions of volts. | Photo by Dickenson V. Alley, Century Magazine.

TopTenz. “Top 10 Greatest Inventions by Nikola Tesla” YouTube, Jul 21, 2015. Web. Aug 17, 2015.


  1. What are some of the common ways we use Tesla’s inventions today?
  2. View the video Top 10 Greatest Inventions by Nikola Tesla, starting a point 9:32. What are the advantages and disadvantages with Thomas Edison’s Direct Current (DC) vs. Tesla’s Alternating Current (AC)?

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