Free Write: Homework Fail

I Didn’t Do My Homework Because… by Davide Cali |

I Didn’t Do My Homework Because… by Davide Cali |

Your after school schedule can become busy especially if you are involved in clubs and sports. One busy after school day you failed to complete your homework. You know the classroom policy for incomplete assignments. What would be the worst way to handle this homework fail? What is the best way to handle this situation?


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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  1. I would say aliens went to my house and they took my homework and ripped it. And If they don’t believe me I would just take the detention. or I will do it fast before the the homework monitor comes to picks it up. And then my problem is solved and I don’t get detention. And if they catch me doing it ill get detention. Or I can get a homework scribble on the name and put mine.

  2. These homework ideas are really good thanks to the person who wrote this.

  3. Today is Monday.Oh I forgot my homework. Now I have to stay in for detention No? The next day I forgot my homework again now I have to stay in detention again NO NOT AGAIN? And I told my teacher that dog pooped on my homework.And she didn’t believe me and I told her about my other homework and I told her that my other was peed by my dog and she still didn’t believe me.

    • My friend’s dog ripped her homework all up! but she still brought it to school to show that she did it so she just taped it, it was ripped like crazy! !:

  4. The first time I did’t turn in my home my teacher turned it into cheese and she ate it.Then at Recess detention.The second time I didn’t turn in my homework into lettuce and the lettuce was for her lunch.and I now its hard to tell the truth but its the best cause then your just wasting your time.

  5. One day forgot to do my homework and I told my teacher the true I was so busy doing my chores or I will get in trouble?