Free Write: Open Cage

The Round Cage | Maryland Zoo |

The Round Cage | Maryland Zoo |

You are standing in front of The Round Cage at the Maryland Zoo and, in an unexpected turn of events, all the animals escape from this cage. Write a story and explain what you see.


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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  1. I think that a gorilla push the cage open witch his strong arms.

  2. It was on a Saturday. I was at Maryland zoo with my family. I had lost them is I thought to just look around and I will find them later so I was right in front of the huge rusty old round cage with a gorilla in it. The gorilla was huge so I just went to find my parents and while I was walking remembered that I had left my purse over there by the cage. Luckily it was still over there bit the gorilla wasn’t or the all the other animals. This time I got a little more scared. I still couldn’t find my parents all I saw was people screaming so I didn’t even have chance of finding them. I tried really hard not to be so frightened it was hard. I kept on looking for the gorilla and my gmail and then after a really long time of walking I finally found my family. I was really happy but the gorilla was still missing I thought maybe he left his cage because he might of spend to much time in there he probably just wanted to leave. So my family and I went home. I will never forget that day and the zoo hasn’t found the gorilla we’ll not yet.

  3. I think a zebra could go in that cage because, you can see the grass for the zebra’s to eat.The zebra right now would be eating the grass and would have a child and a father and her zebra’s learning to walk. You can see the people feeding the father, they also pet the zebra’s take pictures.

  4. One day there was a little girl who was wanting to go to the zoo for a long time but her mother didn’t have so much money. she asked her mother if she could go with her friend Jessica her mother said yes so she went when she got there she wanted to see all of the animals. but her mother wanted her home for dinner so she had to be home by 4:35 so she wanted to see the gorilla’s so they went when they saw the gorilla’s she saw it was upset so they went closer a woman told her step back. but she didn’t listen she saw the lock was open she open’d the gorilla went crazy it broke the gate down everyone that was at he zoo was hurt when her mother was worried about her. she called Jessica’s mother she said something bad happened turn on your TV she saw that Jessica’s and the little girl were dead from the accident she cried for two hours straight .
    P.S the little girl never had a name her mother never named her.

  5. That people are watching the tamer trying to control the animals so it could be calm but the animals are fighting and defeating the tamer and people are getting worried and afraid about the tamer. Then suddenly the animals got out of there cage and start to attack the people and they started to open all the animals cages and all of them got crazy. Then the parents were trying to protect there kids. People were running everywhere like crazy and they were getting hurt and ambulances were coming and the animals in the cage were very mad and upset. The animals were destroying the cage and then the animals went away and they destroyed the whole zoo and even some animals got hurt by themselves. People helping each other, they were coughing a lot. They were looking around to see what the animals had done to the zoo. There were crying of happiness to see that there children were okay, looking for their kids and their stuff. The animals were caught at the park playing so they took them to a new zoo. Oh and the cage well the cage was left abandoned.

  6. I am standing in front of the cage and all of these animal like,Bears, birds, gorillas, lions, tigers and monkeys they are escaping from the cage cause, there are to much animals in that cage even though it was big. So they went out of that cage and almost all the people car’s were destroyed because they were banging on there cars. And they were everywhere on top of roofs and on the streets EVERYWHERE!!! And people cannot get them back into there cage.They are blocking the street .They are knocking down mailboxes and even people

  7. I am standing in front of the cage in Maryland zoo the round big and tall cage.I i’m staring at it and all of sudden the door opens and the animals ran away and along the way they were breaking down trees and they were destroying cars, bus and trucks also houses.The animals are getting people and throwing them around like a beach ball and then all of the animals that were in the cage they all disappeared and the animals were never ever heard again.

  8. When I was standing in front of the Maryland zoo there was gorilla. He was mad because he eat 1 meal a day and he wanted 3 meals a day. He got so mad he rip the cage door off. Everyone was running because they were afraid of the gorilla when it escaped its cage. Then he rip off all the other animals cages and all the animals went crazy. Oh no! The monkeys were getting into monkey business. Then when the boss of the zoo heard noise he made all the workers grab all the animals. After 3 hours all the animals were in there cages.

  9. I was standing in front of a cage,the bars are so rusty and the zoo was very very old that all the animals escaped by knocking down the door.The gorilla ran and ran that made people scream and cry, the gorilla knocked off every lock in the zoo.After, the animals made a stampede which made the whole zoo fall down.Every body got out in time before it fell down.All the animals started to destroy the whole city they turned the cars over.They started to destroy the buildings.They destroyed the whole city and moved on to the next city to destroy.

  10. I am standing in front of a cage and suddenly animals aren’t there I am starting to get confused where did all the animals go. So I turn around and see another cage I should go over there I said. So I start walking to it and still see no animals, maybe the trainer was trying to feed the animals and suddenly pushed him and the animals got away. So I walk to the fish area and saw a whole pack of zoo animals eating fish so I call the trainer and said if he could bring a dart gun he said why? i said because there Is a whole pack of animals terrorizing the zoo so he said alright and exactly three minutes later the trainer came and shot all the animals and they went to sleep. Then my family went home and my brother said lets do that again!

  11. Today i’m at the zoo in there was a cage there was a gorilla and it was loud and then the gorilla was grabbing the door he pulled so hard the door flu open and it freed other animals from there cages and the zoo was attacked and all the persons escaped the zoo but the zoo manager tried to put them back in there cages but the animals were to strong so the zoo manager ran as fast as he can he was lucky he was able to escape

  12. I am enjoying the view of the ostrich, but then I hear a clinging noise. I try to see where the noise was coming from. There. It was coming from the cage lock on the age that had the ostrich in it. The ostrich was moving a lot which was moving the cage and the movement moved the lock and almost unlocked itself. I try not to worry so much. I just hope that the lock won’t unlock, the ostrich gets out, the ostrich races around the zoo, and scares everyone. I try to get away from the cage, but my family was having fun watching the ostrich roam around inside the cage. I don’t know what to do, if tell someone they might panic too much and scare everyone. So, I just stay there standing, watching the cage, then suddenly the cage door flew open and the ostrich runs out and starts scaring everyone away. I notice that the cage was not locked very well and that the ostrich is RUNNING out, like if it was desperate to escape. Maybe the ostrich spends too much time in the cage and wants to experience the real world.


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