The Top 5: Fall 2014

Grants Pass. OR

Road to the Redwoods in the fall | Grants Pass, Oregon

The Top 5 gathers some of the favorite posts you have enjoyed so far. It’s always fun to see what topics connect with you the most. In this series we learn about the Southwest, food chains, trophic levels, biodiversity, balanced ecosystems, including a joyful example of hyperbole in song.

In case you missed it, here’s a review starting at number 5:

5. What Burrows in the Grasslands of the Southwest?

If you could talk to these smart prairie creatures you would discover more life to the landscape of the Southwest than you yet realize.

4. Food Chains: How Energy is Transferred

Each ORGANISM is dependent on each other in order to survive. This creates a food chain, a feeding relationship between organisms in an ecosystem. It begins with the Sun as it TRANSFERS energy from one TROPHIC level to another.

3. “Living things take hold anywhere they can,” Bill Nye Explains

In every corner of our world, life depends on BIODIVERSITY. What is biodiversity? Let’s break this word down into two parts. The word “BIO” means “life.” The world DIVERSITY means “mix” and “variety.” Biodiversity, life variety, is essential to sustain a healthy network of living things to have a balanced ECOSYSTEM.

2. Hyperbole: Best Day of My Life!

Best Day Of My Life is a song with CONTAGIOUS lyrics by a band called American Authors. When you listen closely you hear the song uses a literary technique called HYPERBOLE. We use hyperbole with frequency and many times we don’t know we are using it to express an exaggerated moment or emotion. When listening to this song, we make connections to our own personal moments and emotions, this is why listeners call this a feel-good song and we can’t get enough of it.

1. Biomes: freshwater, marine, terrestrial

Earth is a world of many beautiful places, home to a variety of living things, from complicated plant life to single one-cell organisms that we can only see using microscopes. What is amazing to see is how each organism depends on its surrounding environment in order to live.

In this Top 5, four of the five posts have to do with science. Interesting! Which post above would you recomend and why?

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  1. I thought Hyperbole was the best, but I’m still suprised.