On the outside, fearless teen

It was difficult to see Trish receiving negative attention, feeling SOCIALLY on the outside. Watching Trish being treated this way is sad because of the tough situation. We ADMIRE Trish for having COURAGE and showing love and kindness to her friends and classmates. This is why we enjoy her character.

So, what’s the problem? Trish auditioned for a part in her school’s drama production of Sleeping Beauty. She was awarded the part because she earned it. Oh, yeah!

Somehow her classmates weren’t so happy about the news. Watch!

(Austin & Ally ‘Beauties & Bullies’ | Shine on Media)



Write a poem in Free Verse, with no set rhythm or rhyme, expressing what you would like to say to those that intimidate and bring your spirit down.

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  1. When I was in kindergarten there were bullies I was trying to fit in, but I was not going to be bullied. But I fit in and they saw me hanging out with other friends and they bullied me to.

    • Hello Gina (for short). It’s difficult to be the one being picked on, but I see that you have learned from this and you stand up for yourself. Kids need someone like you, someone that will say, I’m “not going to be bullied.”

  2. i think they are being mean bullies to her because they are jealous of her that she has real good friends and they dont

  3. I think that the people who where being mean to her are just being mean and there being a bully I hope trish feels better.

  4. I don’t like that you are bulling me. What did I ever do to you? If you don’t like what I do, just tell me so I can fix it. Why do you want to bully me anyway? Let’s fix this soon because what if one day they bully you? How would you feel? I want you to think what I said. I’m leaving, but before I do, you should say good comments to people and be open-minded. Also, respect the diffrences of others. That’s what you do to stop being a bully!

  5. “Why do you like to hurt people. If you want to hurt someone hurt your pillow or something.”