The Top 5: Summer 2014

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That was it. September 21st was the last day of our Summer fun. We are certainly ready to see some cooler weather in the Coachella Valley. Today our valley temperature was punishing, not just because it was a hot 104 degrees outside, but our humidity levels are well above 65% lately. This heat makes us wish we were a lot closer to the beach.

On the other hand, here on 34Kiwis it’s totally cool. With a total of 10,091+ quarter views, this was the highest summer visitor count. Thank you for visiting, following, and sharing in the fun! We can’t wait to see what the Fall quarter posts will bring.

Let’s take another look at some of your favorite posts from this past quarter. Let’s beginning with #5:

5. Hyperbole: Best Day of My Life!

We are so used to using HYPERBOLE that many times we don’t even know we are using it to express an exaggerated moment or emotion. This is why listeners call this a ‘feel-good’ song and we can’t get enough of it.

4. “Living things take hold anywhere they can,” Bill Nye Explains

In every corner of our world, life depends on BIODIVERSITY. What is biodiversity? Let’s break this word down into two parts. The word “BIO” means “life.” The world DIVERSITY means “mix” and “variety.” Biodiversity, life variety, is essential to sustain a healthy network of living things to have a balanced ECOSYSTEM.

3. Say Goodbye to Summer

In Leila Devlin’s poem, Summer Vacation, we notice that she uses SIMILE. These are words that use “like” or “as” to compare one object or idea with another.

2. Biomes

Earth is a world of many beautiful places, home to a variety of living things, from complicated plant life to single one-cell organisms that we can only see using microscopes. What is amazing to see is how each organism depends on its surrounding environment in order to live.

1. In The Fast Lane

Meet the band Echosmith. This American indie pop band from Los Angeles, California has reason to celebrate.

Are you surprised by the #1? Did you have a favorite post that didn’t appear on this list?

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  1. All my favorites got picked to.

  2. I have all my favorites picked! 🙂

  3. in the fast lane came in first!!! wow i’m impressed!

  4. I knew Fast Lane would win but I actually enjoyed the post “Living Things Take Hold Anywhere They Can.” I also enjoyed saying goodbye to summer.