Bill Nye: Biodiversity

Life depends on biodiversity in every corner of our world. What is biodiversity and why is it important? Let’s break this word down into two meanings. The word “bio” means life. The world “diversity” means mix and variety. Combine the meaning of the two words bio and diversity and you get something like this: a variety of life. In order to sustain a healthy network of living things, a balanced ecosystem, we must learn how to promote biodiversity.

Biodiversity is essential to sustaining the living networks and systems that provide us all with health, food, wealth, fuel and the vital services our lives depend on. (Carbon Neutral)

(YouTube | Mirella Kaywood)



  1. What is biodiversity and why is it important to promote and protect our local pond and neighborhood parks?
  2. Name the largest ecosystem on Earth and explain why it must remain healthy and clean.
  3. In what ways can you help to promote biodiversity in your community?
  4. In the video, Biodiversity with Bill Nye, what four species are mentioned as being extinct?

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  1. I also think that the part at the begining when a bunch of Bill’s show up on the vidio!!! And it very sad that animals are going extinct.:(

  2. An ecosystem is all the living things, from plants and animals to microscopic organisms, that share an environment. Everything in an ecosystem has an important role.

  3. The definition of ecosystem is a system formed by the interaction of a commuity of organisms with their physical environment .

  4. What is the definition of an Ecosystem? A system formed by the Interation of a community of organisms with their Enviroment.:cool:

  5. Some of the animals that have gone extinct are the DODO bird,
    Passenger pigeons,Big horn sheep,and mossy clam theses are extinct animals
    and lots of land is going because curators are cutting down trees so lots
    of animals are going extinct :(, but without biodiversity we wouldn’t have our human species and our animals so we have lots of biodiversity so we have a lot of animals. 🙂

  6. What is biodiversity and why is it important ? Biodiversity is when you have a many different plants and animals . Living in one place, you have biodiversity. Like for example, a wolf needs a deer to survive ,and the deer needs plants to survive.

  7. If you take a ecosystem it takes out the other

  8. Stop wasting water. Stop cutting
    down trees. Stop spilling ink
    in the ocean. Stop using a lot
    of gas and electricity. Start
    recycling more. Plant more
    plants. Clean the beach.

  9. Biodiversity is important because animals need their Biomes, to protect them selves.

  10. the largest ecosystem is water because it is every where

  11. What is biodiversity and why is it important? will when you have different plants and Animals living In one place you have biodiversity. The Amazon Rain Forest is rich in biodiversity.

  12. When you have many different
    plants and animals living
    in one place ,you have
    biodiversity. 🙂

  13. You can help promote biodiversity by,recycling,planting trees,don’t litter, nature is nature don’t bring stuff home from nature, and when you go hiking stay on the trail so that you don’t disturb any animals.

  14. great job cookie I like that you explain the things that you wrote.

  15. The largest ecosystem is …………. THE BIOSPHERE!!!!!