The Dreams You Remember

Dreams From The Sky | Unicomics

Dreams From The Sky | Unicomics

Dreams can be REALISTIC and VIVID in detail:

You hold on tight as you fly through the air. The wind blows your hair off your face, as the giant bird on which you ride dips and turns. The giant bird makes a dive for the ground. The Earth gets closer and closer. At the very last second the bird swoops up as your feet barely hit the ground, and then takes off again. This is an awesome trip!

The next day you smile as you think of your adventure the night before. You close your eyes and remember how tiny the world looked as you and the giant bird swished over the earth. It felt so real. Like riding in an airplane, only better!

But it wasn’t real. It was a dream. (, 2014)

We don’t always remember our dreams but we know that dreaming is part of the sleep cycle. Scientist are unsure why we dream or what we dream about. They do believe that it’s our brains effort to help us deal with our worries and how we feel. Our mind begins to paint an image of those emotions during our sleep and that makes us remember our dreams when we wake.

Another important detail is that dreams happen INVOLUNTARILY. This means that we have little to no control over how we dream or what we dream about. Depending on the emotional dream, this can make us feel uncomfortable and even afraid to fall asleep again.



Think back on those nightly dreams. What is the most realistic, vivid, or weirdest dream you’ve ever remembered?

(Katie, thank you for the idea to this prompt!)

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  1. My dream was so weird. It all started when I went to sleep I dreamed that we were in the time of dinosaurs. My whole family was there with me . We were being chased by a T-rex and my grandma was in a wheel chair. Then my cousin got stuck on a rope, that by the way it was ours because it was a trap, but we didn’t see so my cousin got eaten by T-rex. That gave us time to hide behind a big bush. We were so tired. We could see our treehouse in the distance. There was a volcano like 500 miles away but we just had to run to get to our treehouse it was like half a mile. But then I woke up and it was time for school. The dream was weird but scary at the same time. 😎

  2. I remember that one day it was a
    shiny day. Everything was going
    fine until all of a sudden a storm
    was going on it was a tornado.
    Then I woke up but I’m not done
    because in my dream I was
    dreaming. So when I was woke
    up it had happened I was in
    fear so I hid under a bridge
    made out of rocks. Most of
    them were already braking
    the tornado was on top of
    the bridge. Then it had stop
    only two people and I were
    still there but its because
    they had left to China. It
    was raining for an hour
    after the tornado. A
    rainbow appeared
    with a gentle breeze.
    I was on top of a unicorn
    we were passing threw
    the breeze and tripped over
    a rock and got stuck. I was
    helped by Superman,
    Spiderman, Greenlantern,
    Hulk, Batman, and more and
    they gave me their autograph.

  3. I had a dream that I was gating chased by a ninja turtle with a axe

  4. one of my dreams was when I was traped in a room with no doors and no windows then the lights when off and I woke up

  5. Mine is getting trapped on a island with Dylan,Erick,Adam,and Daniel. It keeps popping up in my dreams.

  6. When you have a dream it’s what you at thinking about in your sleep then u can see it in 3D while sleeping it’s what your thinking there was this one time me and my brother were playing minecraft and we found diomands in the cave and last night I had a dream about it it’s because your thinking about it.when we found the diomands I accedently burned the diomands I was mad but we left the game without saving we still found them again.

  7. What about recurring nightmares, like . . . “It’s the first day of school, and I am late; and my classroom is out of control . . . !”