Go Go Gadgets of the Future

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget | bhmpics

Inspector Gadget, a bumbling detective in a cartoon series, solves mystery cases making foolish and funny mistakes. Mr. Gadget has a niece named Penny. This clever ten year old girl is always getting her uncle Gadget out of the trouble he makes. In a way, Penny is his sidekick and the genius behind Inspector Gadget’s crime fighting success.

One way Penny is able to help is by using high-tech items like a computer notebook capable of breaking codes, scouting buildings, and operating machines by the touch of a button.

Penny's Go Go Watch | Engadget

Penny’s Go Go Watch | Engadget

Another gadget Penny uses frequently is the Go Go Gadget Wrist Watch. This device can receive, transmit video and voice on a small screen. Plus, she is able to answer text messages and read other documents with the touch of a finger. Awesome!

Using these gadgets as her tools she is able to monitor her uncle’s activities and help fight crime. Of course, it helps to have a smart dog called Brain too!

Write about the high-tech gadget or machine that can be useful in our everyday lives or in the near future. What would it look like? What does it do? In what ways might it benefit people?

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8 replies

  1. I wish light sabers were real so i could be a jedi.

  2. Mostly what sarina said thinking in your dream agree with sarina.

  3. The type of gadget I would use is a watch then I could mix it with a phone you can call people with it and see there face like you can in FaceTime it could help people with it and if they don’t have a phone it kind of will be the same on your phone except its on your arm.

  4. A portal that teleports you.
    .A oval shape portal
    .Teleports people to one place to another
    .by rays of light that split Adams and builds Adams together to make you again but in another place
    .It will help the planet because they can stop using cars that pollute the air