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Southern California temperatures are expected to reach 110+- degrees in the middle of July. This is when we begin to notice the intense heat and energy our Sun can give. What do we know about the Sun as it sits in the center of our solar system? How does this giant ball of gas work and give off energy? How is our Sun different than all the other billions of stars that are scattered throughout our universe?

In The Sun, Big Powerful infographic, we notice the size of the Sun compared to that of all the planets in our solar system and what it contains below the surface. If you look closely, you will also see how far each planet ORBITS from the Sun, plus each planets DENSITY and MASS in comparison.

In this sizzling video Bill Nye will explain how our Sun is an amazing star and how you can become brighter!

(PrimitivePatriot | YouTube)


Learn more about the sun with the following points as your guide.

  • How large is the Sun and how many Earth’s would you need to fill up the inside of the Sun?
  • List examples on how the Sun provides energy for us to use on a daily basis.
  • We use the Sun’s energy all the time, but how does the sun get its energy?

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  1. That is one hot sun more than sun burn. I think.

  2. beautiful sun 🙂

  3. The sun gets its energy by nuclear explosions

  4. You should make a post about what are we doing over the summer I think id be cool herring what everyone’s doing and herring there thoughts