Yellow-eyed Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl in Winter

Great Horned Owl in Alberta, Canada | Wayne Lynch/Corbis

It’s not easy to spot one of these wild creatures, but by the time you do, it has seen your approach from miles away. It’s watching you with those cat-like eyes and listening with incredible clarity. Great Horned Owls have brown, white, gray and black markings that help camouflage it in the woods.

These owls prove their ability to focus on the slightest of sounds small creatures make while burrowing in the snow. Compared to other birds of prey, its unlikely you will hear them. They make little to no sound as they fly and glide through the air. With super hearing and silent flight, it’s no wonder owls make excellent hunters and one of the worlds deadliest night predators.

(Paul Dinning | Wildlife in Cornwall)



  1. Observe the video closely, what characteristics can you see in this bird of prey?
  2. Click on the link National Wildlife Federation, what makes the Great Horned Owl unique?

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  1. The owls fur is so pretty. It’s like the color of the snow but it has a bit of brown and the nature was pretty.

  2. Did you now that there are more than 150 species of owls in the world and there are 19 owl species found in North America.

  3. This video is so cool, even the owl its so pretty because it blends in. The owls fur color is so pretty its like the color of the snow and with a little bit of like brown coat on him there’s a lot of things in nature like insects, mammals and reptiles.

  4. grasslands are wet and cold.there are many animals in the grass.there are ants,ladybugs,and catlepillers.

  5. the desert is hot and dry.there are different animals in the desert.for exaple,a snake,moutainlion,halk,egle,and a tiger.

  6. I love it a

  7. The owl is really unique because it could blend in and not be seen.

  8. This is what makes a owl so unique.

    They can see you from miles away and they are hard to take a picture because they are so fast. The reason why they want to get away from you is because they think you will want to harm them.they can see over trees and they can camouflage really we’ll with wood and dead leaves that are on the floor.owls can go 40 mph that’s how fast owls can go.another reason why hey are so unique because some can be really pretty some dirty and just brown and white I like there colors. 😎