Bill Nye: The Moon

Credit: NASA

Phases of the moon | NASA

Travelling by car will take 130 days to get to the moon, if cars could fly without speed limits. Travelling by rocket is a little bit better, 13 hours in a speedy thrust. Yet, travelling at the speed of light will take an impressive 1.52 seconds, like the blink of an eye.

Our MOON is 238,900 miles (384,400 km) away and it’s Earth’s only natural satellite in SYNCHRONOUS orbit. This is why we continue to see the same face of the moon year after year. And although we see the moon almost every night, it continues to fascinate mankind with questions as to why our nearest neighbor appears as it does in the sky.

How small is the moon compared to Earth?
What is the temperature on the moon?
How many astronauts have walked on the moon?
How does the moon shine?
How much would I weigh on the moon?
What causes a ring around the moon?
What is a blue moon?
How long does it take to travel to the moon?
How long is a day on the moon?
How fast does the moon travel around Earth?
Why does the moon follow me when I move?

With a unique perspective, Bill Nye will show us the unique qualities of our moon and why having one satellite matters. Watch!

(The Moon | SpaceRules42 | YouTube)


  1. In what direction does our moon orbit the Earth?
  2. What causes high and low tides?
  3. How much would you weigh on the moon?
  4. Why can’t we see the far (dark) side of the moon from Earth?
  5. Can you name all the phases of the moon?

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44 replies

  1. We can’t see the dark side of the Moon because the Moon is always spinning in the same direction.

    I can name all the phrases of the moon that is, full moon, half moon, eclipse, lunar eclipse, solar and half moon.

  2. 1. How much would you weigh on the moon?

    You would probably weigh 10 pounds because of non gravitation.

    2. Why can’t we see the other (far) dark side of the moon?

    Because the moon always circles the Earth and never turns and it always faces the Earth and goes with it. By goes with it I mean it circles the Earth while it circles the sun.

  3. The direction that the moon orbits is right.

    What causes the tides is the pull of the moon’s gravity.

    I think i would weight 40 pounds.

    The other side doesn’t show because it’s on the other side of the earth.

    All i know is the full moon, half moon, and crested moon.

  4. 1.I would weigh 20 pounds because it 50 less pounds on the Moon.
    2.The Moons gravitational force pulls the water.