Personification: The Moon Followed Me Home

Moon at Night | Weaving Poetry

Moon at Night | Weaving Poetry

PERSONIFICATION is a literary technique that writers use in order to show an object or animal has human like quality. Writers use this technique to boost emotion, sensation, joy, gestures and speech that make the reading interesting. This helps readers understand, agree with, and react emotionally to non-human characters.

Let’s look at Marie Tully’s poem. Here’s an example of how personification is used to show our moon with human like behaviors.

  • “The moon kept on watching”
  • “The moon followed me home”

Did you miss it? Each sentence in the lines above mention what the moon seems to do. The moon is “watching” and has “followed” the author home. Now, closely read the poem in its entirety and notice how the moon behaves.

Follow The Moon by Marie Tully, 2009

I followed the moon
Or did it follow me
I turned a corner
It was still there you see

I tried to trick it
In the shadows I hid
But the moon kept on watching
That’s what it did

A cloud passed before it
Now was my chance
But the stars in the sky
Never could lie

I walked on through the night
The moon followed me home
Or did I follow the moon
I don’t quite know


  1. Give an example of personification from Marie Tully’s poem Follow the Moon.
  2. How do you believe the personification of the moon helps you to understand what it’s like to see Earth and humans from a distance?

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7 replies

  1. I think it’s telling a question if you are following the moon or are is the moon following you.
    But the moon is round so it is facing everybody half the world.

  2. What i think is that poem is very calm and I really like that!

  3. Foggy moon, regular moon, both of different kinds
    One can be small, one can be big, but only one may follow you home
    Bright sky, dark sky, but the moon can still see
    Are you hiding or are you not, only one moon shall see.

  4. I like the poem. The moon is actually not following you because it is very high up and the earth is turning.