A lesson from Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! | Wikia

Teen Titans Go! | Wikia

Teen Titans Go! cartoon is a bit hilarious. It features 5 main superhero characters: Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and the lovable Beast Boy. This green boy can transform into all sorts of animals, especially when he isn’t spending time eating burritos and watching TV. Together, their job is to defend this world from their rivals and fight crime every day! Sounds like a lot of fun! Plus, each superhero has a unique voice, and a very distinctive viewpoint that adds to the entertaining dialogue.

For example, in this episode Beast boy is tired of being the “least intelligent” of the bunch. He is so concerned about proving himself that he continuous to make more and more mistakes as the episode roles on. Watch!

(Teen Titans Go! | YouTube)

“I’ll show you I can help. I’m gonna make myself smart!” — Beast Boy

  • Have you experienced a similar situation where your efforts failed and how you ‘showed’ everyone that you indeed could help.
  • What team advice would you give so people can work together for a common goal?
  • How do you show your appreciation toward your friends?

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  1. Beast boy is so cool and funny but he can be smart. Beast boy is a smart,funny guy,he is cool too. I think i can relate to this and every one is smart and fun. Beast boy rules to i love teen titans go because i love the animation and the characters because there cool. But i love the fighting too. In episode 2, Xmas i like the 2 Santa because i like how they went in the coma but when they woke up it was Xmas. Robin said “it’s a 2 Xmas miracle” but i love Xmas.

  2. your right yasmina

  3. elise you are wrong beast boy is way cooler than raven

  4. Raven is the most sillyest one in the show.That is what I like about the show.

  5. Well I love seeing people like at the park or riding bikes!

  6. Beast boy is smart…..RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!