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Earth’s crust is covered with layers of deep soils and fine-grained clays. These layers are in constant motion and they move at about the rate fingernails on hands grow. Over time, this movement causes intense heat as the rocks push, grind, and collide with enormous force. These gradual conditions make three different types of rock known as SEDIMENTARY, METAMORPHIC,and IGNEOUS.

In this video, Bill Nye helps us to explore Earth’s soil and rock formation in more detail. Bill starts by first showing us how interesting this topic can be.

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  1. Rocks are always changing from one type to another: sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous. What are some of the earth conditions required for this type of transformation to happen?
  2. List the unique properties of diamonds.
  3. What thought does Bill Nye propose regarding sand?
  4. List three facts from the video Rocks and Soil.

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  1. This video made me want to sing along, but since I was in my class, I was not aloud to. Besides, I didn’t even know the song except the 1st song.

  2. We are learning about Rocks and Minerals in class and this really helped.

  3. This video has so many details like sand stone when water covers the sand it dries and it transforms into sand stone.

  4. Rocks are part of history because rocks are all over the world.

  5. That was a really cool video. I learned that rocks are like magma, and that dirt used to be rocks. :3

  6. my favorite part is where he is singing

  7. Awesome video !

  8. I loved the video it has a lot of cool info I didn’t even know a lot of rocks were made from volcanoes.

  9. Your Looking at History

    1. What causes the changes to happen is when the flaming hot rocks are getting pushed together then the rocks starts to cool
    2. The unique thing about diamonds are that when you shine light on it it reflects it in all directions
    3. The top soil (which is the one that gets more water) is the better one to grow plants , but if you were to dig deeper the plant won’t really grow that well.
    4. One new fact I learned was the best place to plant a plant is the top of soil. The second new fact I learned is diamonds are made in volcanos. The third new fact I learned was coal and diamond are made out of the same thing.

  10. Thank you Danielle. What was your favorite part in the video?

  11. You’re Looking at History.
    1)What causes them to change is be is because they are getting to old and getting layers on the rock.
    2)These are some important facts about diamond is diamond is the hardest rock and only diamond and diamond can cut diamond.
    3)What thoughts about what Bill Nye mention about sand was that sandstone is very gently so if you put a heavy rock together it will turn into dust.
    4)What I learned about rocks and minerals is that walls are made out of rocks.The next,fact that soil is thin not thick.The third,fact is that rocks turn into dust.

  12. 1)Rocks can change by people working on them or volcanoes can melt rocks.

    2)Diamonds can formed by heat and pressure.

    3)If you grab water and the water will push it on the sand then the you will see rocks there.

    4)You can make crystals. You can make rocks with mud. Walls are made with rocks.

  13. 1. Igneous rocks changes because the magma changes and it is then sedimentary.
    2. They are the hardest because they have been pressed by the earth.
    3. Bill mentions that rock can be tuned into sand with a blow torch!
    4. First, rocks have minerals inside of them. Second, I found out that rocks are found all over the world. Last, rocks are sometimes in minerals!

  14. You’re Looking at History

    1) What causes the change to happen is when the lava/rocks are cooling they are getting pushed together and making a bigger rock. Igneuos rocks are formed when lava drippes down the sides of the valcanoe.

    2) The difference between a diamond and coal is many, many years. They are both made of Carbon . A uniuqe thing about a diamond is it shines in light everywhere.

    3) Top soil is thin and plants would grow better , but if you dig deeper it probably can’t grow that well.

    4 ) Igneous rocks are found by lava dripping down the sides of a valcanoe. I also learned you should grow plants in thin soil. Sometimes in some dust when you go deeper it gets lighter in the color.


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