Video Series 3 of 6: Ask a Testable Question

In the previous video, Get Your Idea and Do Some Research, the JPL team demonstrates the power of observation. Ota mentions how we need to ask questions about the environment we see. This helps us to generate ideas and begin research in our areas of interest.

In this video Ota, Serina, and Arby teach us how to develop and idea and form a testable question using the following format: How does INPUT affect OUTPUT?

  • How does ______ affect ______?
  • How does A affect B?
  • How does fertilizer affect plant height?
  • How does changing the shape of a rocket’s fins affect its ability to fly?
  • How does changing the type of water affect its ability to absorb thermal energy from the Sun?

Overview: How to Do a Science Fair Project

Step 1: Get Your Idea and Do Some Research

Step 2: Ask a Testable Question

Step 3: Design and Conduct Your Experiment

Step 4: Examine Your Results

Step 5: Communicate Your Experiment and Results


Special thanks to the team at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. On their website, you can view and download and assortment of educational materials such as NASA missions details, images, videos, audio and more.




Practice making a testable question: How does INPUT affect OUTPUT? What INPUT | OUTPUT examples can you make?

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  1. What melts faster dark, milk, or white chocolate? Will the chocolate melt faster with foil paper on or or off of it.

  2. How does technology affect our eyes and head?

  3. How does TV affect our brain? How do video games affect our behavior?

    • How it could affect our brains is by us playing way to much then our eyes get used to that world and the time goes by fast when you’re having fun so you could sometimes skip like 2 meals that day! it could affect our behavior by making us used to that world as said and then you want t be like that. 😀

  4. How does bright lights affect our eyes?

  5. How does black smoke effect our lungs?

  6. How does the form of earphones affect our hearing?

  7. 1)How does bright light affect our eyes?

  8. How does water affect computer?

  9. How does soda affect our hydration.
    How does fighting games affect our actions.
    How do people affect animals that live in forests.
    How does body wash affect cleanliness.


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