Bold and Dramatic Brush Strokes. Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh. Age 13. 1866

(Vincent van Gogh. Age 13. 1866. Source: Wikipedia)

Today, Vincent van Gogh is known for his talent as a painter. According to biographers, Vincent showed little creative potential as a child. It’s also noted that Vincent had a “well-respected art teacher” but he didn’t show much creativity as a painter until much later in life. Even so, Vincent continued to draw and eventually decided he wanted to become an artist.

Flash-forward 147 years, from the time this black and white photograph was taken, his creative talent is greatly appreciated. With a collection of 2,100 artworks, 860 oil paintings, 1,300 watercolors, prints, drawings, sketches, self portraits, still lifes, landscapes and more, you are bound to fall in love with his work.

A Unique Artist

Although Vincent’s childhood was difficult, and his living conditions were not the best, he became a unique artist. In his paintings he shows a great deal of emotion and a feeling of movement, noticeable by his bold and dramatic brush strokes. Vincent is also unique due to the speed in which he completed a piece of artwork, one painting per day, toward the end of his artistic career. (Artble. 2013)

To learn more about Vincent and his art visit: Van Gogh Gallery

To better understand Vincent van Gogh’s work, notice each painting deeply and reflect on the following points by writing what comes to mind. Click on the paintings for clues to the questions.

  • Where do you believe these paintings take place? (paintings setting)
  • In what country can these painting be found on display today?
  • What emotions do these paintings reveal?
  • If you could step into and spend a day inside of one of these paintings, which painting would it be? Explain your choice.


Talent: natural abilities or qualities.

Oil on Canvas: a painting done in oil paints. The art or practice of painting with oils.

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  1. I checked all the posts they were awsome

  2. Hi Mr.Rosales I really miss you oh ya can you say hi to the ases class for me Thanks

  3. Bold and Dramatic Brush Strokes Vincent van Gogh
    1.The first painting takes place at a cafe.The second painting takes place in a field.The third painting takes place at a ocean.
    2.The Cafe Terrace at night is in Netherlands.The View of Arles flowering Orchards is in Germany.Starry Night is in France.
    3.This painting,Starry Night makes me feel happy,and calm because their is no one to bug you.
    4.If I could spend one day in one of the paintings it will be Starry Night because it will be peaceful.

  4. 1. Neatherlands 2. Germany 3. France
    1. Neatherlands 2. Germany 3. France
    The paintings are calm and peaceful
    I would go to the cafe because it is calm and peaceful and i would get coffee.

  5. 1.I believe Cafe was painted at a cafe,the Flowering Orchards were painted at a field,and the Starry Night was painted at a beach.

    2.The countries the paintings are from are…the Cafe is in Netherlands,the Flowering Orchards is in Germany,and the the Starry Night is in France.

    3.The painting,Flowering Orchards makes me feel calm and open because it looks quiet and open.

    4.If I could spend a day in one of the paintings I would go into Flowering Orchards because sometimes I want peace and quiet and I would also like to smell the orchards of flowers.

  6. Bold and Dramatic Brush Strokes.Vincent van Gogh
    1.Where it takes place is in a cafe,garden,and ocean.
    2.The paintings can be found in Netherlands,German,and France.
    3.The emotions in the paint reveal at the cafe is happy place.At the flowering orchards I think it’s peaceful.Starry Night is a calm place.The painting I like is the Starry Night because it’s calm and peaceful.
    4,The painting I want to be in for a day is the starry night because it is calm and I love the colors.

  7. 1.They take place in the Netherlands,Germany and France
    2.The Netherlands,Germany and France
    3.the painting the cafe,brings out calm,lonely and amazing
    4.The cafe because I could have a cup of coffee at the end of my day and I cold also unwind at the end of my day.

  8. 1) I believe the paintings take place in a field, a cafe, and a lake.

    2) I believe they can be at Netherlands, Germany, and France.

    3) I believe these emotions of the Flowering Orchard is lonely and peaceful.

    4) I would go to the Flowering Orchard and fish in the lake and it would be the best day ever.

  9. This sounds like a really cool guy and seems like lots of people like him and his paintings.