Bug’s-Eye View

PERSPECTIVE is a big word we learn in order to understand a point of view, situation, or a topic we are interested in. The word ‘perspective’ can make us wonder about the world around us. In this case, think of a bug living in a park, lake, grass area, trees, etc., and imagine their perspective of the world around them.

Photo Credit: Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

In this writing activity, answer the as many of the following questionsΒ using the perspective of a bug.

  • What is your name?
  • Where do you spend your day?
  • Describe where would you live?
  • Describe what you eat?
  • What are your fear?
  • How does your everyday world look like in your environment?

Using the questions as your guide, create a detailed paragraph, poem, or story from the perspective of a bug.

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  1. A bug!!! I’m a bug?!! How did this happen? Just yesterday I was a teacher. I was large, larger than life!!! I must have eaten something weird or maybe this is a dream. Yes that’s it. It is a dream. I feel fuzzy inside. Do you think I am a worm? or maybe a grasshopper. No I have to find a body of water and see my reflection. I think there is a small pond over by the edge of the yard. Oh!!! so that’s why I feel fuzzy. I’m a caterpillar. OOHHH I AM FAT!!! Oh know I better go hide so I don’t get eaten by that huge hawk swooping overhead. I have made it sage in my little dirt hole in the grounnd. Suddenly I feel very hungray. I could eat a carload. I really have a craving for “pizza, chips, soda, chocolate, hamburgers” NO I really have a craving for LEAVES. What is happening to me? I feel like I could burst. My skin feels tight and I can’t sop eating these delicious leaves.

  2. Bugs_ eye View

    my name is Flynn Jr, and I am a grasshopper I am afraid of kids. I Iive in a kids backyard. I love to eat ribs. I run in the kids backyard for fun. Then, one day, I was running in the backyard, and I did not see the boy behind me, and I got smooshed!

  3. Johnny where do you live and what do you like to eat and what do you fear and what’s your name?

  4. I’m a red bug with black spots and I like to play with my ladybug friends.

  5. I am a bug a latty bug my name is latty. I live in the woods in a tree. I fly around all morning
    looking at knew sites.I’m afraid of catipilers and every thing else and that is my horable life πŸ™‚

  6. Bug’s Eye view

    My name is Dylan.i am a butterfly .I spend my day flying around trees.
    I live in bushes and trees.I eat leaves,and I eat my cocoon.
    I think about being a human with ice powers.i’m afraid of things that
    are bigger than me.My everyday world looks like an ecosystem. πŸ™‚

  7. bugs eye view
    Hi my name is Torrito and I am dragonfly.
    I am afraid of spiders because one almost ate me
    I eat fly’s because that’s the only thing I like to eat.
    I live in trees.
    I spend my day taking naps.
    I look chubby.
    I think about what to do instead of taking naps.
    My day looks like branches leaves every where and little ants on the branch.
    And this is my life

  8. Bugs Eye View Poem

    I am a bug named squishy i live
    in the forest and love to play video games
    all day and walk in the forest to fetch an
    afternoon snack, i eat crabby patties and
    french fries.I forgot i also eat chips and
    salsa and i’m really unnatural and scared
    of birds.

  9. Bug’s Eye View

    I am buggy,I like to eat candy! I live in the grasslands and I’m afraid of feet and spiders! I love to think how awesome bugs are. Hey, I’m a bug! I love to bug my mom and she says,”stop bugging me!” Hey that’s my name.
    I love to see the sunlight and smell the fresh summer breeze. All those things are me.


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