Biomes: freshwater, marine, terrestrial

Earth is a world of many beautiful places, home to a variety of living things, from complicated plant life to single one-cell organisms that we can only see using microscopes. What is amazing to see is how each organism depends on its surrounding environment in order to live.


A biome is a specific environment that’s home to living things suited for that place and climate. In this video, made by the Gregorio Education Production, notice the many places around the world that we can call home.

Video message:

“Earth is a world of many beautiful places! Earth is also home to many wonderful faces! All of us here on Earth… … live in very different environments! These different places are called Biomes. How many Biomes are there? How do Biomes differ? Biomes differ in climate, in elevation, rainfall and fresh water, in salt water, and in all the many habitats that life calls home!”

Introduction to Biomes | Gregorio Education Production




  1. What is a biome?
  2. Using the Kids Do Ecology link above, which biome would you like to know more about?
  3. Where in the world would you find your selected biome?
  4. How would you describe its climate?
  5. What land features do you notice in your biome?
  6. Biomes have nonliving parts that are needed for the survival of living parts in any ecosystem. What are the nonliving parts of an ecosystem?
  7. Why are the nonliving parts important?

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  1. Hi. Can I ask you a question 34 Kiwis?

  2. I like the huskies there so cool and all the animals are look so nice my most one i like are the huskies then the zebra. I like how all the zebras are all together. I like all the biomes.

  3. sorry but I’ll try to some research but all I know theirs a lot of bioms in this world

  4. I learned there are many type of biomes and they are full of animals we need to survive.


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