What Burrows in the Grasslands of the Southwest?

What burrows in the grasslands of the Southwest?

Prairie dog | Raymond Gehman. National Geographic

Prairie dogs live throughout the central region of United States, with a concentrated population in western part of Colorado and the eastern Utah. These creatures dig underground burrows and long tunnels with multiple chambers, producing an infinite number of dirt mounds in the lowlands. However, the prairie dog is not the only creature who dwells in this region.


Various maps mention Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico as the true Southwestern states. Other maps have a wider definition of the Southwest and include California, Nevada, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The Southwest is well-known for its deserts, dry and hot areas that stretch for miles and miles. The enormous beauty of the region’s ecosystem makes for a stunning encounter with wildlife, desert plants, and flowers like the cactus bloom. Deserts might look dry as dust, but in reality the land is filled with life, rich habitats with clusters of animals and plants that have adapted to the tough conditions of the Southwest.

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  1. Which states are considered part of the Southwest region?
  2. What creatures live in the Southwest? (e.g., kinds of snakes, birds)
  3. The Southwest is part of a larger ecosystem. Describe the biome of the Southwest and its land features.

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  1. Most of Southwest is the desert. But, that is not it there is a lot of places to hike on. Their are many animals too. Many mountains are rocks have signs or symbols are drawings too.There are also other things like secret paths or legend from those signals, signs, drawings, or symbols.

  2. 2. What creatures live in the Southwest?(e.g.,Kids of snakes, birds)? The creatures that live in Southwest is Prairie dogs, Bighorn sheep, bobcats, coyotes, jack rabbits, mountain lions, racoons and more! if you want to see what other animals go to Southwestern United states Wikipedia.com or go to 34 kiwis go to what burrows in the grasslands of the southwest link and scroll down and press learn more and you scroll down again to wild life and thats where you land to see the other animals.

  3. The states are California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

  4. Some of the states in the southwest Texas,California,Utah,and Arizona.

  5. Oh I forgot a prairie dog 😀

  6. Which states are considered part of the southwest ? The states are California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.

  7. I learned about the southwest,their are lots of animals and a litttle bite of plants.
    Their are snakes,egles,lizards,and more.
    Their are barly any plants and they are deadgrass,and some catus.
    The southwest region,Arizona,California,Colorrado,Nevada,Newmexico,and Utah.

  8. The creatures that live in the Southwest is snakes,birds,spiders,owls,bats,kit fox,collard lizard, coyote, gopher, scorpion, kangaroo, rats, woodrat, fence lizard. 😎

  9. I learn states considered southwest region are Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

  10. Thanks guys 0:-)


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