Simile: Say Goodbye to Summer

Goodbye Summer

SIMILE is a literary technique that writers use in order to show similarities between two different things. Writers use the words “like” or “as” to make comparisons.

In Leila Devlin’s poem, Summer Vacation, we notice that she uses the word “like” to compare one object or idea with another.

I remember summer days of

running like the wind,

and flying like a kite,

and hopping like a frog

after swimming like a fish.

We clearly see and hear the memory Leila’s summer, especially because she compares one thing with another thing of a different kind, such actions with things like kites and fish in the sea.



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Using Leila’s example of simile and the sensory details words list PDF. Write your own vivid poem using the words “like” and “as” in order to compare summer activities and the memories you enjoy.

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  1. I remember this last year lol went so fast!
    Here’s my amazing summer.
    I remember running in tracks like a cheetah and getting stung like a flea on a dog.getting. Cuts from logs eating melted ice cream. Laughing like hyenas jumping as high as a cloud playing with brothers like little puppy’s sweating as much as dogs playing in the flash flood in cat city. Swimming up and down like a dolphin playing with my dogs going on 34 kiwis every day having yummy hit dogs for summer pool days listening to music playing animal jam playing nitro type

    And that was my amazing summer.


  2. my amazing summer
    i remember summer days playing like a wild animal and running like a dog.
    i remember joy like a new born cub.
    i remember watching movies with my family and cuddling with my mom.
    i remember swimming like a fish and relaxing in the sunshine like a sleeping animal.
    i remember jumping like a kangaroo and laughing like a hyena
    i remember traveling like a plane and holing like a wolf


  3. good job kruze

  4. My Awesome Summer

    When i went to the beach i swam like a shark and moved like the waves.
    When i went camping i ran like the wind and played like a puppy.
    When i went to my friends house i bounced like a ball and acted like a zombie.
    When i spend time with my family i had happiness, joy and laughter.

  5. It’s summer.!

  6. Say goodbye to summer
    Summer is as fun as eating ice cream and plashing in and out like atilios fish in a pool
    Summer is as hot as touching hot floors and smelling all tipes of flowers summer is awesome

  7. Summer Vacation

    I will miss you summer a lot because I can have fun with my friends.

  8. Bye Summer

    I remember laughing with my family and running like a dog
    and seen people move like the sea and swimming like a whale.
    I like spending with family and pets.

  9. Goodbye Summer

    I remember summer
    playing like a dog,
    and swimming like a guppie,
    and eating like it was Thanksgiving.

  10. Summer Sweet Summer

    Summer is like wind with no sound just movement all through the air. Life spreads like fire in tall dry grass. I remember surfing like a wave itself, swimming like a dolphin.


    I remember those summer days,
    going to the beach,swimming
    in the ocean,going to a baseball game
    runing like the wind,and surfing on the waves.

  12. Goodbye Summer

    I remember summer nonstop fun, and laughter like a joker, and swim everyday and never get tired. I played video games almost all day! I smell the fire and see fireworks in July and have lots of partys. I won’t forget my summer days.

  13. Good Bye Summer

    I remember summer days of:
    Having sleepovers like a flock of birds. After sleepovers I have to clean up the messes like a huge mean cleaning machine! I am going to miss going to the water parks like the water monster I am. Going to gymnastics
    like i am a flop of rubber, having play dates like i am a little kiwi and going to Europe and seeing farmlands.
    I have had so much fun over the summer but now it is time to say
    Good Bye Summer!

  14. Say GoodBye to summer
    Summer was fun,going swimming in the heat ,splashing water like a whale ,eating ice cream until I get a brain freeze now we have to say goodbye to summer.


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