Free Write: Being Your Age

Greg Heffley

We completely enjoy reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series because we snicker at the funny situations the Heffley family can get themselves into. Because of this, it’s likely that you’ve added every available book to your favorites collection.

I think it’s safe to say that Mr. and Mrs. Heffley are a comical version of responsible parents. One of the points that makes this series enjoyable is that Greg’s mom and dad seem clueless about what their ‘wimpy kid’ is going through. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. and Mrs. Heffley love and care for Greg very much, and it is obvious as you read the books, yet they seem to struggle understanding him.

I’m sure Greg would write in his diary that it is difficult to be a kid, especially when he is asked to be more ‘responsible.’ If Greg had it his way, his whole family should view life from a kids perspective.

What is the most difficult thing about being your age?


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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  1. I guess being my age is alright except when we go to the fair and I’m to big for some rides but now I’m tall enough for all rides. Yeah, it’s awesome being my age but what sucks is having little siblings that destroy your room like if you are painting your nails or something they start to attack you. I hate that! And when I’m doing my homework they always ask me how to spell something right in a middle of the math fact. but I would be bored if I didn’t have them with me but 1 or 2 would be fine not 4. That’s how it is being oldest.If you want to know how being youngest is its well not so much fun because if you would play with an older sibling. then its most likely you’ll lose all the time and if you’re older sibling isn’t nice they would pick on you a lot! And when you go to the fair the big rides your not tall enough and you really want to go on where your big brother or sister would go on then you would feel bad. And how I know this all because I live my siblings so I’m the oldest when I’m at my step dad’s house but when I’m at my real dad’s house my brother is older. So I know how it feels both ways. 😀 thanks for reading. XD

  2. The hard part for me is doing whatever my mom tells me like what to do, check the mail, wash the dishes, give food to my dogs.

  3. It tells us what is going to hapen in life maybe

  4. i think aieshas getting a little to serious with this being your age thing

  5. I also love the Diary of a wimpy kid series

  6. but 34 kiwis i know my mom,dad,and brother love me

  7. thanks 34 kiwis

  8. well being 9 is hard when you have a brother who names spaciously idiot oh how i hate that word

  9. The hardest thing about being my age is the clothes my mom makes me wear those clothes make me sick!

  10. Thank you. that ment a lot to me.

  11. You are right it is hard being your age like if you really like a pretty girl you want to ask her out you can’t you know. What if she says yes or no you don’t know it is a death trap. I can’t say her online my teacher said it. I am the kid who gave you a ducktape rose and a box of chocolate kisses you know those chocolates anyway the day of Valentine’s day. When I saw you through it away in that blue trash can I felt so bad I kept that fear for like 8 months the only time to say it is now. What could I do?

    • Hello Mystery Man. First, how brave of you to write your heart out and with such honesty. I think that this post has taught us all that being your age is not the easiest at times. To respond to your comment, many times other people do not value our kind gestures. That box of chocolates meant a lot to you and I”m sorry that girl did what she did. Maybe you should share a box of chocolates with someone else. 😎

      I’m glad you were able to express your thoughts.

  12. Its hard being a kid and I can’t hurt my 5 year old brother.