The Top 5: Spring 2013

This is the first list in what we hope becomes a series of beautiful post. Our list of the Top 5 will show what you’ve enjoyed reading and writing about each quarter. It will be a thrill to see the posts you connect with the most. So here you have it! Let’s start with #5:

5. Pale Gold, Yellow Roses

An excerpt from “Gold” by Donald Hall: Pale gold of the walls, gold of the centers of daisies, yellow roses pressingfrom a clear bowl.

4. Lost City: Machu Picchu

Learn about Machu Picchu, The Lost City, by clicking on the links below. A virtual tour and travel guide of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail in Peru.

3. Free Write Mondays: “This and That”

Poetry Prompt: “This and That” Write a list of phrases such as “sun and moon”, “books and movies”, “lame and swag”. Write a poem with the first stanza about the first word and the second stanza about the second word.

2. Ancient Egypt and its People

Did you know that Egyptians relaxed by playing various board games after a long day’s work along the Nile River? Egyptians loved to ‘hang out’ and play games such as Mehen, Dogs and Jackals, and a popular game called Senet.

1. 30 Clues in 5 Days: What do you see?

(This post is no longer available.)

Here is an interesting picture. Look closely, what do you see? During the next couple of days you will have an opportunity to get 30 clues regarding this picture. On Friday I will acknowledge who comes closest or gives the exact answers to the questions below.

What did you enjoy the most from each post? What made them so memorable?

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64 replies

  1. i know why 3o Clues in 5 Days: What do you see? was so popular it was a big guessing game

  2. I know made 30 clues in 5 days so popular because all poeple likes a mystery.

  3. I Know why 30 clues in five days is number 1 because everyone was clueless and keep on answering and answering and when the 30 clues were done there were 84 comments! can you beleive it!and when you said it was bog driving I couldn’t beleive it was so sad 😦

  4. I Know what made it so beatiful because it uses nice things and what ryhmas and talent

  5. What I liked the most was this and that because people could express there true feelings

  6. All of the comments here are wonderful!(:

  7. i think the history of egypt got second because it has really cool games that you facts and also egypt is pretty cool.

  8. I know why Lost City of Machu Picchu was such a popular post.It`s because we had may links,videos,and beautiful photos of the important land.And we had a project on Machu Picchu so 34kiwis was the best resource to use because it was fast and easy.I had fun with this post.

  9. I know what made 30 clues in five days popular. It has lots of things like comments, replies,and it has a picture.

  10. I know what made this and that so popular. it was because all of the good examples like books and movies,cats and dogs and boy and girl you all made some good post.

  11. I know why 30 Clues in 5 days what do you see was so popular it’s because everyone was so frustrated of anwsering the question and just trying to get a reply from 34kiwis.

  12. I realy like pale gold,yellow roses because it has nice poems and i love poems.

  13. I like it because all the posts have a lot of thought!(: