Free Write: Monster Madness


In this Free Write activity, answer the following questions using ADJECTIVES that describe the personal qualities of a monster: blunt, brave, ragged, shaggy, scary, dreary, slob, etc.

  1. What does your madness monster look like?
  2. How does your monster behave?
  3. How would you describe where your monster lives?
  4. What does your monster like to eat and drink? Describe the food.
  5. What does your monster ‘do’ for a living? Explain.

Using your imagination and the Free Write questions as your guide, write a detailed paragraph creating your own monster character with the ideas collected.


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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92 replies

  1. it is a little blue digimon and is names Veemon and he likes pasta and lasanea and pizza and everything i like and he has a little pet puppie

  2. Monster Madness

    My monster has lots of flaiming balls on his back
    It also breathes fire
    It eats lots of fire sparks leaves and tacos!
    It lives On a roof
    What he does for a living is start a fire and try to make a bett life
    My name is sylox

  3. My monster looks like a little orange lizard thats like a mini dragon without wings and has fire on his tail and it does not hurt him. He also likes warm places like a volcano and his name is charmander

  4. My monster lives in the jungle and eats bananas and apples. He stalks people for a living and haunts people. He is very little with a horn at the top of his head and has two little hands. He says, in a very pleasant way, “Hello!”

  5. My monster has one eye and lives in the swamp. He eats people and goes to school. He says, “Rar!”

  6. It lives in a house of lava and fire. It eats eye ball tortas and hamburgers. It hurts innocent people. It says, “I’m gonna destroy you!” My monster looks like a man with a big sword. He has a black shirt,short black hair, white shoes, and blue pants.