Free Write: #1 Book

Recommended Books |

Recommended Books |

You are looking at a stack of interesting books, like the ones listed above. Many of which are your favorite and would gladly read again. If you had to choose one book, your #1 book, which one would you recommend to your friends? Why?


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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29 replies

  1. I best book I ever read was Frankenstein retold by Mary Shelley.

  2. I love Dork Diarys because it is funny pictures

  3. i like diary of a wimpy kid favorit on is the therd wheel.

  4. I think dork diaries is kind of like diary of a wimpy kid but, its for girls.

  5. i like behind enemy lines.

  6. the diary of a wimpy kid series i good especitally the third wheel greg will never get a girlfriend even abigal hates him and he’s in the book

    • I really like the diary of a wimpy kid books to,I`ve read all of them and donated one to the favorite one is the first one. 🙂

  7. The best book I ever read was called “Out Of My Mind” I liked it because it makes you snap back to reality and be thankfull because some people are born not able to speak or born to be in a wheel chair and we don`t have that so we are lucky.Because thats what it`s about, a girl who was born different.It was amazing because people bullyed her but she did not stop believing.And the girl was very bright,she went on a show for being smart!

    • Snap back into reality? When you reflect on your blessings, it puts things into perspective. We have many unfortunate people around us, people who are homeless or incapable of physically moving, we can’t complain about our life.

  8. My faverit book in the whole world is (Out f my Mind) because this girl is super smart but,she can’t talk or walk and she cant even pick up a pencile but she concors it by using her mind.

  9. I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.By Jeff Kenny

  10. that was beautiful 34kiwis ;]

  11. my favorite book is finding the titanic is just amazing how you could see about what happend on april 14th 1912 the day the ship of dreams went down to the bottom of th alantic ocean like ruth becker who set sailed on titanic’s maiden voyage it’s amazing someone found it robert d. ballard the man who discovered the ship of tales titanic

    • I can see that you are so excited still. We are fortunate that technology can bring us all these pictures from the deepest parts of the ocean. Imagine the people who survived this tragic event? They could not see anything, or any part of the boat on the oceans surface. One very cold night Titanic vanished right in front of their eyes.

    • great information kiwi23, I like that book too

    • I love the that book too I sometimes wonder how it was to be in the titanic while it was sinking.

  12. the best book i read was monster blood: a scary book made by r,l, Stine

    • I love RL Stine books. You know, I used to read those books while sitting at the library during the summer months and with a nightlight by my bed side. I believe I was 11 years old and I couldn’t get enough of those books.

  13. The best book I ever read was Wrapped I’m, still reading it but it seems, like a very good book.

  14. My favorite book is Helen Keller she was somebody who changed the faith in people that was or is blind or death and never gave up she even learn how to taik