Imagery: Pale Gold, Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses, Clear BowlListen to this excerpt from “Gold” by Donald Hall:

Pale gold of the walls, gold

of the centers of daisies, yellow roses

pressing from a clear bowl.

This short poem phrase is descriptive and rich in IMAGERY because it shows rather than tells. Hall describes several different gold details around his house. By gently reading these words, you can imagine seeing the ‘pale gold walls’ and the feel of how tight the yellow daisies are “pressing from a clear bowl.”

Using imagery, create a poem that shows rather than tells. Use the following points as your guide.

  • Pick a color
  • Choose different objects of that color
  • Where is the object located?
  • What is it doing in that location?

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  1. I just love poems!

  2. He is purple and green. His name is Barney. When I thurn to channel 3 I hear him singing.

  3. Orange Box
    Crisp in the heart of the cheese-it
    waiting for me to eat him.

    Red in my mouth
    what is it hot cheetos
    mocking me that i’m not at home eating
    them and i want to get out of this torchur
    so I can go home and eat them


  5. Hiding in the tide underneath the sun,colors of bright pink, yellow, and white lies a small,pretty fossil.That is a seashell.

  6. RUN AWAY CHIPS Hotcheetos so hot sitting on my seat I run to it, it runs away so I buy takis.

  7. Orange, Is my favorite color of my soccer jersey I wear it day and night it’s In table wating for me to put It on. with my other jersey’s

  8. Red White and Blue

    Red White and Blue
    on the wall,
    it’s in a softly move
    and it can be in a bad mood:(

  9. Sea Monster

    Sea monster,big and gold.
    It scared all the shrimp.

    High up in the bookshelf.
    There lives a gold fish.

  10. My Ipad

    Its cover, blue as the sky,my Ipad,in my room,
    waiting for me to pick it up, and play with it
    all night long.


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