Free Write: Why Math Matters?

Albert Einstein Cartoon Art

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Is it safe to say that everyone needs a certain amount of math to live on this planet?

Math is immensely important for various reason. In your personal life, you will use math to buy items, pay bills, balance a checkbook, and invest in your future savings. Further, if you run a business you will need to be able to use math to make sense of your product inventories, expenses and profit margins.

How important is math? Did you know that young Albert began to learn geometry and algebra on his own by the age of 12?

“He mastered both subjects, while coming up with his own proofs to prove the various mathematical theories he was studying, including his own way to prove the Pythagorean Theorem.”-

With all that math practice and theory, I’m sure that he has made several mistakes along the way.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Math does matter, so much so that he began learning calculus 3 whole years ahead of his classmates. Imagine that!

What do you believe Albert Einstein is trying to say in the quote: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” Why does math matter to you?

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  1. Math matters because it helps you on everything like if you sit on a couch you know at mattress brothers you need math to figure out the feet on how wide it is so you dont get a ripoff you also need math for your dessert if you want candy you need to figure out what you want with prosses of elimination!!!!!!

  2. Math matters because when you grow up you would, need to pay the bills when you have a home to live in.

  3. what albert einstin means is if you make a mistake it is not a big deal

  4. i think it means that you don’t ever make mistakes in your intier life so you always get A+ in your grade and don’t get into trouble. Also the interpertation is a new thing you have to try something and what it matters about you are just living in the olden days