Free Write: Makes Me Feel Good

Cherry tree |

Cherry tree |

From delicious fruit on cherry trees, travel destinations or stay vacations, there are hundreds of options that can make us happy. Create a list of at least 20 things that make you feel good and would like to experience.


A focused Free Write is a strategy intended to encourage ideas without concern for the conventional rules of writing. The goal is to make writing easier and more comfortable while speaking new ideas onto a page. Remember, free writing doesn’t mean to rush or create sloppy work on purpose. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (5–10 minutes). Let your ideas flow onto the paper.
  2. Ignore the urge to correct as you write, you can always come back and edit later.
  3. Write what you picture in your mind by using words that describe.
  4. Do not judge or censor what you are writing. Allow yourself to imagine.

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  1. I feel good most of the time, but these are the things that come to mind.
    1. my family
    2. my good health
    3. my friends
    4. my strength
    5. my music
    6. my students
    7. singing
    8. eating of any kind
    9. traveling
    10. did I say music?
    11. puppies and kitties
    12. bracelets
    13. good books
    14. hiking
    15. new snow
    16. the beach
    17. learning new things
    18. the fair
    19. yoga
    20. coffee

  2. 1)My family makes me feel good 2)running makes me feel free 3)My horse Mango makes me feel different 4)My home makes me feel safe 5)painting makes me feel like me 6)cinnamon rolls make me feel sweet 7)writing makes me feel smart 8)baking makes me feel like a chef 9)reading makes me feel adventurous 10)seeing my grandparents makes me feel loved 11)swimming makes me feel soothing 12)polo makes me feel talented 13)sleepovers make me feel fun 14)my friends make me feel liked 15)wind makes me feel cool 16)basketball makes me feel sporty 17)toys make me feel like a kid 18)my sister`s cooking makes me feel rich 19)england makes me feel like rain 20)Thermal makes me feel at home 😀

  3. I like number #4 #12#16#6#5 best of all number 19 is true.

  4. 1.Pancakes make me feel warm

    2.Chicken legs make me feel in heaven

    3.Honesty makes me feel relieved

    4.Homework makes me feel like Einstein

    5.Honey makes me feel sweet

    6.Swimming makes me feel cool

    7.Friday’s make me feel excited

    8.Passing a test makes me feel proud

    9.Reading makes me feel smart

    10.Getting home makes me feel safe

    11.Seeing my dad makes me feel loved

    12.Waking up to a Saturday morning makes me feel relaxed

    13.Eating mac and cheese makes me smile

    14.Cleaning my desk makes my life more neat

    15.When my room is clean I feel organized

    16.When I am clean I feel like one million bucks

    17.Learning makes me feel like I am someone new

    18.Happiness makes me feel like a good person

    19.Sleepovers make me feel like I am at Disney land

    20.Flowers make me feel like I am a flower

  5. 1.Ice cream sundays make me feel good.
    2.Swimming cools me down.
    3.Books open my mind up.
    4.The color of the beautiful rainbow makes me feel peaceful.
    5.Looking at my dogs wagging their tails make me feel wonderful.
    6.Getting good grades make me feel special.
    7.A nice cool cool lemonade feels refreshing.
    8.Looking at a meadow makes me feel calm.
    9.Drawing feels relaxing.
    10.Marshmellows are amazing because I love how it feels when the gooyness is in your mouth.
    11.34kiwis I feel wonderful writing my thoughts.
    12.Math it feels like a puzzle which I love.
    13.Parks make me feel joyful.
    14.Music makes me feel excited.
    15.My stuffed animals make me feel safe.
    16.Friends make me feel supportive.
    17.The flag makes me feel greatful.
    18.Cherrys make me feel sweet.
    19.Family is the love in my life.
    20.Exercise makes me feel healthy.

  6. cream makes me feel sweet 2 titanic makes me feel moved makes me feel colorful 4.cold makes me feel cool5.a token makes me feel happy. 6.cookies make me feel choclatey. 7.water makes me feel dog makes me feel joyful.9.poems make me feel class makes me feel teacher makes me feel proud you go man of makes me feel amazed. 13.rambo makes me feel golden.14.drawing makes me feel like i am giving life to art.15.movies make me feel chips make me feel startled.17.nature makes me feel peace.18.34kiwismakes me feel educated.19.books make me feel adventures.20. reading makes me feel spedtacilar.

  7. 1. Cookies make me feel awesome.
    2. Video games make me happy.
    3. Bike rides exercise my legs.
    4. Long walks do the same as bike rides.
    5. Reading tells me a good story.
    6. Long car rides help me relax.
    7. Sleeping helps me focus when I wake up.
    8. Hand ball makes me excited.
    9. Smoothies put me in a good mood.
    10. Peace and quiet makes me calm.
    11. Recces helps me interact with friends.
    12. Meals help me not to starve.
    13. Writing helps me express my feelings.
    14. Jumping on my trampoline makes me feel energetic.
    15. Playing with my dogs make me happy.
    16. Television helps pass the time.
    17. Music makes the good times in life seem endless.
    18. Weekends make me feel relived.
    19. Taking to people makes me feel expressive.
    20. Grapes make me feel like I’m in heaven.

  8. These are the things that make me feel good.
    1.My family makes me feel happy.
    2.Movies make me feel like I’m going in an adventure.
    3.Showers make me feel clean.
    4.Popsicles make me feel fresh.
    5.Clothes make me feel great.
    6.Ice cream makes me feel smooth.
    7.Music makes me feel proud of who I am.
    8.School makes me feel that one day I’m going to be a pediatrition.
    9.Cookies make me feel happy.
    10.Fruit makes me feel healthy.
    11.Books make me feel I am going through a new adventure.
    12.Chocolate makes me feel like the whole world is chocolate.
    13.Flowers make me feel pretty.
    14.Popcorn makes me feel puffy and fluffy.
    15.Honesty makes me feel proud of myself.
    16.Pasta makes me feel delicious.
    17.Pepper jack cheese makes me feel spicy.
    18.Granola bars make me feel that I have lots of nutrition.
    19.Butterflies make me feel happy.
    20.Friends make me feel happy and laughable .

    • Another impressive list. I see #8 and you wrote that you want to be a pediatrician in the near future. What an excellent choice. Having a job that you enjoy sure makes anyone feel good.

  9. 1. Chap stick makes my lips feel smooth.
    2. Water makes me feel cold and fresh.
    3. Music inspires me to dance.
    4. Hand gel makes my hands smell good.
    5. Candy makes me feel delicious and hyper.
    6. Cookies give me a tasty flavor that makes my mouth water.
    7. Sushi is so yummy!
    8. Fruits make me feel like I’m in a tropical forest.
    9. Soda makes my tongue hurt if I keep it inside for too long.
    10. Takis make my mouth HOT!
    11. Roller coasters are fun!
    12. Toys make me feel happy and spoiled.
    13. High heels make me feel tall.
    14. Money makes me feel rich.
    15. Perfume makes me feel nice and smell good.
    16. My cat, Mindy makes me want to hug her.
    17. Vegetables make me feel healthy and strong.
    18. Video games make me want to play them.
    19. Kiwi 24 and kiwi 30 make me feel happy.
    And finally 20. my whole family makes me feel wanted.

    • This is a super list. Look at you go! I’m completely impressed by what you have written because it sounds from the heart. Look at #19 and #20. I like how you concluded with feeling wanted! Thank you for sharing.

  10. 1)ice cream (makes me melt)
    2)jumprope (make me hope)
    3)drawing(makes me happy)
    4)painting(me sing)
    5)sleeping(helps me rest)
    7)soccer(me happy dancing)
    8)books(makes me smart)
    9)video games(plays for fun)
    10)garden(so beatiful smell)
    11)water (at the world)
    12)hand sanitizer(makes my hands smooth)
    13)pancakes(smells delicioues)
    14)honesty(it makes me releave)
    15)honey(so sweet)
    16)fish(i love rambo)
    17)school(makes me have fun)
    18)sunday’s(there so sweet with cherry’s)
    19)candy(makes me hiper)
    20)teacher(makes me loved and kind)
    21)puppy’s(there so cute)
    22)gymanastic(so flexable)
    23)friends( they are kiwi 5 kiwi2 kiwi22 kiwi30 kiwi 28 kiwi16 kiwi11 kiwi15 kiwi9 they are kind and helpful)
    24)car’s(they are so fast)
    25)computers( they are so fun to play with and so cool for our crome book lap top)

  11. 1)Ice Cream cools you down.
    2)Movies make me excited.
    3) Cookies are make me fell delicious.
    4)Sundays i get to go to movies really fun.
    5)Playing with my puppy fells good and fun.
    6)Kendle fire HD is fun when your bored.
    7)PS3 my brothers let me play games.
    8)TV has my favorite TV shows.
    9)Soccer only play with my cousin.
    10)Park is a fun exercise.
    12)Water slide fun with water and slide.
    13)Jumper bouncing is a fun exercise too.
    14)Pool fun exercise too.
    15)My house is fun with my cousin.
    16)books are a fun small adventure.
    17)Computers are fun to play
    18)Backyard fun to play with my dog mingming its a girl puppy.
    19)Candy gives me energy lots of it.
    20) talking to a friend but there really not there.
    21)Best Friends
    22)Spending the night at my cousin house is funner than all of this stuff except20,21,1,6,7,12,13,14,15,17,and18.

  12. 1 ice cream is so sweet
    2 candy delishis
    3 milkshakes so good
    4 puppys are cutie
    5 movies intertanin
    6 music i love it
    7 books read then only on school days
    8 GAMES play them onec in a while
    9 partys fun
    10 lemanad sweet and sour at the same time
    11 cookies yum yum
    12 marshmelos eat them when i go caping
    13 smors greatest treat ever
    14 cup cakes really good
    15 cakes have them on b-days
    18 park i love it when it is a nice and sunny day or when i am bord
    19 exersising gets me in shape
    20 my family nice to be whith them on weekends
    21a medow it is calming
    22 flowers smells like flowers

  13. This makes me feel good and bad

    1.swimming makes me feel fresh.
    2.Ice Cream makes me feel good.
    3.Music makes me feel excited.
    4.Movies make me feel sad,happy,funny,scared.
    5.Cherry’s oh cherry’s make me feel freshness.
    6. Candy is sweet and yummy.
    7.cookies are good and sweet.
    8.choclate is awsome and sweet.
    9.cupcakes make me feel happy
    11.Sushi makes me feel bad.
    12.tofu makes me throw up
    13.nail polish makes me feel excited.
    14.reading makes me feel that im in a journey.
    15.fruit makes me feel sweet. makes me feel happy.
    17.justices makes me feel joy. makes me feel sad.
    19.takis are good and hot
    20.zebra makes me feel colorful.

    And that’s all Thank you.

  14. These are the things that make me feel good;

    1.Ice cream makes me wild .
    2.Softball makes me strong.
    3.Movies are very intresting.
    4.Handball is fun!
    5.Math is fun!
    6.Awards make you feel proud of your self.
    7.Clothes are nice.
    8.Shoes are nice.
    9.Videos games are fun!
    10.Root beer is tasty.
    11.Junk food is yummy.
    12.Double cheese burgers plain are yummy
    13.T.V. is intresting.
    14.Art and crafts are fun.
    15.Sparkle is pretty.
    16.Drawing is fun!
    17.Coloring is fun!
    18.New school supplies are cool.
    19.Lemone chips are scrumpsius.
    20.Root beer favored ices (and coc) are yummy
    21.Fabreeze smells good
    22.Showers are fresh.
    23.cheesecakes are scrumpsius.