“This and That”

Salt and Pepper | Pinterest

Salt and Pepper | Pinterest

Look at this picture, what word pair do you see? When you think of the word SALT you might also think of the word PEPPER. The poster is clearly showing a “this and that” relationship.

Let’s have fun with words and follow the steps provided in order to create ideas for a poem.

  1. View the example provided and draw a T-Chart.
  2. Using a sheet of paper, label one side of your chart THIS. Label the second side THAT.
  3. Create your own list of “this and that” phrases such as:
  • salt | pepper
  • sun | moon
  • books | movies
  • lame | swagger

Create a poem that uses the following rule:

  1. The first stanza of your poem will use the first word of your phrase.
  2. The second stanza of your poem will use the second word word of your phrase.

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  1. Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits are yummy and juicy and make me happy.

    Vegetables are yucky and mostly make me irritated.

  2. Wet and Dry

    Wet wet I’m always wet.
    Never am I dry
    because I’m always wet.

    Dry dry I’m never dry.
    I’m always wet because
    I’m a slim.

  3. Soccer and Football

    Soccer is my favorite sport.I built a fort in my house so i won’t break a windows.I can do tricks with a soccer ball and at home I hit the wall.

    Football I like watching the superbowl. One day I will try to play it. Football seams rough and I could be tough!

  4. Popcorn and Movies

    Popcorn so delicious for a snack
    so buttery so good so yummy for my tummy!

    Movies so good if your bored.it will give you laughs and giggles and you”ll forget your even bored!

  5. Dog and Cat

    Dog nice,big,and tall out back playing with other.

    Cat,fluffy,cute and furry they make me laugh and smile.

  6. origami and drawing

    origami is what i love as a hobby to pass the time

    drawing is just a second hobby

  7. peanut;so nice and soft,your the one who always a thing that most pepole enjoy,all over the world and makes our hearts smile. jelly;your the one who get s me out of bed and but the only thing nice with your strawberry smell.you should yell your strawberry fellings

  8. Sun and Moon

    Sun the thing that keeps us warm on cold winter days

    Moon the bright light in the sky at night when you look out your window

  9. Sun and Moon
    Sun is a light,lighting the afternoon sky,
    leaving the white clouds behind,
    it goes down the mountain,

    Moon is a sliver of light,
    waiting in the night,
    setting off a glow to shine bright,
    There it goes,
    behind the mountain,
    now it waits for it’s lonely rest

    Sun and Moon

  10. Detailed and Plain Detailed with light,and a polkadot,down right interesting right on the spot!Striped and sparkled all over the place,does`nt get boring,picks up the pace!Colorful,interesting,and detailed. Plain and boring,not to surprised if you find yourself snoring!Invisible,no one noticed,stopped before the start,not at all a work of art.Boring,uncool,and plain. -kiwi13

  11. High and Low

    High clouds up in the sky so pretty and bright.

    Low on the ground animals hide a side in the forest.

  12. Colors and Plain

    Colors of beyond are everywhere like wearing purple joy.

    Plain colors of the galaxy are everywhere else. Some are great, some are dull.

  13. Pictures and Videos

    Pictures the thing that stores important memories.

    Videos the recordings of fun joyful moments.

  14. Wet and Dry

    wet rain, wet water i am not happy
    but whatever i will survive.

    Dry mouth need water forget what i
    said about the wet now i wish i had
    some rain

  15. Sunshine and Moonlight

    Sunshine flows through the sky, it keeps me warm all through the day. Then it gets darker, and the light starts fading away.

    Moonlight comes in the night, then I see stars shining bright. Moonlight replaces the shine of the day, and that’s when I sleep the night away.