“This and That”

Salt and Pepper | Pinterest

Salt and Pepper | Pinterest

Look at this picture, what word pair do you see? When you think of the word SALT you might also think of the word PEPPER. The poster is clearly showing a “this and that” relationship.

Let’s have fun with words and follow the steps provided in order to create ideas for a poem.

  1. View the example provided and draw a T-Chart.
  2. Using a sheet of paper, label one side of your chart THIS. Label the second side THAT.
  3. Create your own list of “this and that” phrases such as:
  • salt | pepper
  • sun | moon
  • books | movies
  • lame | swagger

Create a poem that uses the following rule:

  1. The first stanza of your poem will use the first word of your phrase.
  2. The second stanza of your poem will use the second word word of your phrase.

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  1. popcorn and candy popcorn is the salty buttery food we eat by a tv candy is the choclatey thing we get our fingers on .

  2. Skulls and Humans

    Skulls were humans now not
    pale broken jaws cracked teeth
    broken bones skulls all destroyed.

    Humans are alive
    blood flow vains hair
    eyes legs brain and thoughts.

  3. Boys and girls

    Boy are the bomb they are the coolest in the world.
    They can fool one little squirrel.
    They are not a afraid to try something

    Girls are the fashion
    in the world they care
    each other.They spend
    time shopping and giggle.
    Girls want and need respect.

  4. Basketball and Football

    Basketball is really fun everybody likes it

    Football is rally valiant and you can get a concussion.

  5. War and Peace

    War war
    has to
    end if
    you think
    it looks
    good then
    look again
    it’s grimm
    please stop
    this madness
    and maybe
    we can
    all begin

    Peace peace
    is a wonderful
    thing it’s
    nice like
    things like

  6. Books and Movies

    are amazing,
    books takes me into
    an adventure.

    Movies,movies movies,
    has mystery,


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