Ka`ena Point: Off-roading

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In the News: Ka`ena Point Off-Roading Threatens the Fragile Ecosystem.

“It’s a mess – made even worse with the growing promotion and word of mouth about Kaena Point throughout the off-roading community,” said Randall Kennedy, manager, Natural Area Reserve Program in the Hawaii Department.

Last week we had a post called 30 Clues in 5 Days: What Do You See?. You had an opportunity to get 30 clues that can help make sense of this picture below.

Kaena 2Where was this picture taken?

This picture was taken along a three-mile stretch of coastline in Ka`ena Point, Hawaii. This is a highly popular destination for tourist and the Army community.

What is happening in this picture?

In the picture you see tracks in the sand. This was caused by recreational four-wheel-drive off-roading. The sport is called mud-bogging.

Mud 1 Mud 2

Why is this picture important?

The beach is “under siege.” Ka`ena park used to be a beach front paradise and a home for local wildlife and villagers since the 1700’s. Also a place of “relaxation with spiritual significance to Hawaiians.”

Check out: Ka`ena Point Off-roading Threatens Fragile Ecosystem

KA`ENA POINT Natural Area Reserve Ecosystem Restoration Project

Kaena 3

What are your thoughts about this situation?

What can the city of Ka`ena do to help restore and protect this ecosystem?

Can the sport of mud-bogging and this natural reserve coexist?

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