Free Write: What does it take to be a hero?

Cooper Timberlin as young Clark Kent | The Wrap

Cooper Timberlin as young Clark Kent | The Wrap

Look at the word HEROISM: people displaying heroic actions on behalf of others in need, putting others first, even in the presence of danger.

Heroes model certain characteristics that we EMBRACE. They are principled, risk-takers and many times just simply kind individuals. These qualities can inspire us to be better people and achieve more than we think possible.

Reflect on the word HEROISM and share your thoughts on the following points:

  1. List 5 traits you expect to see in a hero.
  2. Who are the heroes in your life and why have they earned the title of hero?

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  1. The characteristics that heroes share are being brave, fearless, courage, never giving up, and always being kind to others. To be a hero you need to save people from danger, fight crime so others don’t get hurt, never look back be the hero, and help people when they have problems. 😎 🙂

  2. Characteristics that heros share are Balanced, Caring,and they are Communicators.They are Balanced and Caring because they save people and you have to have alot of strength to do that and they are Communicators because they communicate to each other for help.

    You have to be strong and Caring and love to help people of all ages and you have to be able to fly (in fantasy). I think you have to be Open Minded because what if there are two people in a fire but they are in different places how will you save them because they are there at the same time you have to think of a way to get them to safety and they i bet could do just that. 😎

  3. This is what it takes to be a hero : Putting others before themselves, being nice and kind, rescuing others, and being fearless.

    These are their characteristics Caring, Open – Minded, Risk-Taker, Principled, and Thinker. 😎

  4. Free Write: What does it take to be a hero?

    The characteristics heroes share are Open-minded,Caring,Thinker, and Inquirer. I picked those because a hero is Open-minded he or she does not care if it’s a girl or a boy he or she will save them. Also Caring because he or she is always saving the day!:cool: Thinker because they have to think of a way to stop the evil kind.

  5. Heroes share kindness and they are risk-takers by saving other people, and heroes are very strong and fast and are amazing.
    It takes bravery and kindness to be a hero, also you have to be able to believe in yourself at whatever you do, and heroes have lots of courage. 😎

  6. Heroes share caring to people by saving them if they are in danger like if they’re in a fire or they’re being attacked or if someone is kid napping. What i think it takes to be a hero is braveness, caring, and risk. Heroes Never back out they risk their life for us. Once you need them, they’ll be there. that’s what it takes to be a hero.:cool: 🙂

  7. What it takes to be a hero is someone that will put themselves in danger to save someone.And would sacrifice there self for someone else.Heroes share bravery and kindness and you have to be caring.And do not be afraid that you are going to be hurt that is a hero.:cool:

  8. What does it take to be a hero
    you would have to have this caring, helpfulness and faith.You would have to be brave, smart and giving.

  9. It takes a true person that is kind and brave to be a hero.A hero is sharing,loving,and nice even if they are in peril.


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