What Makes an Adventure?

Prince Edward IslandWhat if you could travel anywhere in the world? Where would you go?

Would you explore the Antarctic or Europe? Amazon or the Sahara? Rome or New York?  How about Yellow Stone or Joshua Tree National Park?

Wherever your adventure might take you, preparation is a must!

(Canada's Provincial Map. Credit: Environment Canada)

(Canada’s Provincial Map. Credit: Environment Canada)

Imagine you are planning a trip to Prince Edward Island, a Canadian province near New Brunswik and Nova Scotia. 

  • Look at the maps above. What is Prince Edward Island known for?
  • What kind of surprises can happen as you explore this Island?
  • What kind of emergencies would you encounter and how would you prepare for the unexpected?

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25 replies

  1. i wonder is anne green

  2. i would go to france and bring clothes,water, money, shoes,hats,hair comb,hair spray,pants, underwear,purse,

  3. I would go to Australia. I would bring money,clothes,water,food,sleeping bags,a car, and flashlights.

  4. If I could go anywhere I would go to texas becaus alot of my family is there.I would pack stuff animals,clothes,money and boots (horse riding)and I would bring my mom,dad,and brother I think I would see horses,barns,and well a hole lot of dirt. (mabey some roads and cars)an I would take also WATER : )

  5. I would go to Austraila because I would love to climb a rocky ridge. The things that I would need would be a harness,lots of water,and beans.

  6. i would go to brazil and africa i would take waterbottles,firstaidkit,flashlight,journal and food.

  7. i would take winter cloths,lots of food,water,and money.

  8. I would go to Africa. I would bring a first aid kit, a flash light, a canoe, and a notebook to learn about africa