Vaudeville “Voice of the City”

So, what is VAUDEVILLE really? In France, the phrase voix de ville means “voice of the city.” Vaudeville, pronounced [vawd-vil], is theatrical entertainment by a number of individual performances. A Vaudeville act can feature a mixture of comedy, song, dance, acrobats, magicians and more. This type of entertainment was popular in the United States and Canada in the late 1880’s to the early 1930’s.

We are fortunate to have some early examples of Vaudeville performances, with the help of the video camera invention of the time, the 9.5mm Pathescope.

In the following clip you will see a famous European group of acrobats, The Julians (1902). These children and adults will show a stunning performance in balancing and acrobatic stunts.

(Julians Troupe Acrobats 1902 | speshact | YouTube)


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