Suspended Mid Air

Ypres, Belgium

A solitary tap suspended in mid air and running continuously. | Ypres, Belgium |

The Magic Tap Fountain is a solitary work of art suspended in mid air with continuous running water. This fountain can be found in Ypres, Belgium where hundreds of people notice and wonder as they travel to and from work at this busy intersection. Most of the local residents know the truth about this blue faucet, but if you are a new to this area and happen to see this in the middle of the road, you might be one of many visitors seeking for an explanation.

Look closely. The fountain appears to have running water flowing downward with a consistent water force. Where does the water flow from? Where does the water pour into? Could this be magic? Do you believe everything that you see?

(Magic Tap Fountain | YouTube)

How do you believe this faucet is able to suspend in mid air? Explain what you see.

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  1. The faucet is probably held by an invisible or clear large pole because I don’t think it can be floating.

  2. I think the faucet is suspended in mid air because they put mirror on it.

  3. I think it is in mid air because the is to hard that it makes it floating in mid air

  4. The faucet is being suspended by a pole that is being pressured under the pool. 😎

  5. This faucet is being suspended by water pushing up the water nice and straight and i also think that the water is very powerful.

  6. I believe this facet has mirrors around it or it has a pole in the middle of the water or something weird that it is a helicopter.

  7. This faucet is being suspended by a pole holding it and lets the water out at the same time.

  8. I think the faucet is held down by a pole that’s clear like Katie said, but held by strings that are clear also, at the same time.

  9. I think it is a tube that is in the magic tap fountain that the water does not stop.

  10. I think the way the faucet is suspended in mid air is that there is a clear tube were the water is pouring out.

  11. I believe the faucet is connected to a pole or a pipe to suspend into mid air.

  12. I belive that it is a invisble pole that when when you are really close to it you can see it better it is a pole that is gushing up water

    • That’s sort of what I thought, but what I thought was, that there was an invisible pole so where you get close to it and you can lay on it if you find it. :/

  13. I believe this faucet is suspended by a pole not a visible one a invisible one. Also I think the pole is huge because the hole that pours the water out is a huge circle.