Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle

(Source: picstopin)

(Source: picstopin)

What is the Bermuda Triangle? There is a place in the Atlantic Ocean where many unexplained incidents and disappearances have happened over a large period of time. The people who study these strange events believe that this is related to weather and supernatural forces.

One particular case is the disappearance of the Flight 19. According to flight records, five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers flew over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945.

“Flight 19 is mistakenly called “The Lost Patrol.” It was not a patrol flight, it was a training flight. It was supposed to be a routine navigation exercise and mock bombing run of a concrete shipwreck just south of Bimini. Five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers carrying 14 men, were to fly to the Hens and Chickens shoals in the Bahamas to practice dropping their torpedoes and then return to the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station” – The Mystery of Flight 19

That day, all 14 airmen vanished into thin air! Historians say that there is no concrete evidence to suggest where the missing crew members are or where the planes might have landed. Also, some people believe that these events do not prove special supernatural forces were at work, but it’s suggested that human error and faulty equipment made this event happen.

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What are your thoughts on the ‘secrets’ of the Bermuda Triangle? What would be a reasonable explanation for the strange case of Flight 19?

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  1. Mysterious that place is and very dangerous.

  2. Didn’t Amelia Earhart die there?

  3. i was shock i thoght she dide a old lady

  4. Remember when 34kiwis talked about Amelia Earhart flying threw the brumeuda triangle wasn’t that fascinating

  5. did you no that ameilea ear harts plane had a a mgnetic pul on her plane 🙂

  6. My older sister has some friends who’s grandmother has a house in the Bahamas. So, they have to fly straight through the Bermuda triangle to get there.

  7. I read that some people think aliens have abducted missing planes and ships.

  8. I Read that they sent a rescue plan and never made it back

  9. I agree with you kiwi4

  10. This is a myth but people say that Amelia Earhart died by crashing a airplane.


  12. Why do they have to go around?

  13. Is the Bermuda Triangle where they say Atlantis sunk?

  14. Why is it so dangerous.